Landscape is a community project

Building a startup is hard work, and never more so than during fundraising.

With Landscape, we want to support founders in the times they need it most.

Let's work together to create a landscape that supports everyone. We're here to help each of you through the rollercoaster ride that is building a startup.

Our Values

The Landscape Values reflect the wins we're trying to achieve. Over the coming months, we'll be sharing some of the ways we're measuring our successes and failures.

Democratise Access to Funding

We feel investment should be a diverse, accessible and democratic process. Fundraising should be a level playing field; regardless of your background or the number of warm intros to an investor you can generate.

Exposing the Bad Actors

We've heard horror stories about bad investors. Founders are taken advantage of, businesses are destroyed and, too often, the individuals responsible get away with it.  

At Landscape, we're here to expose this bad behaviour and put an end to it.

Celebrate Brilliance

While bad behaviour does exist, we want to champion the brilliant investors out there. Whether that's going over and above for a portfolio company, or saying "no" quickly and providing useful feedback, we want to celebrate the best of the best.